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FASSI Truck Mounted Cranes

FASSI group, Italy  is one of the biggest and oldest crane manufacturing company in Italy   and supplies over 7000 cranes per year.Fassi Cranes are in Indian Market since 1998 and around 250 plus cranes are working in India up to the entire satisfaction of the customers in various sectors like  ::: Construction, Bricks and Block Industry, Timber,  Electricity, Municipal  Corporations, Building Material, Maintenance Companies, Transport Companies etc., Metro contractors etc.

FASSI Truck Mounted Cranes
FASSI Truck Mounted Cranes Distributors of Greycat Tyres, GCG SERIES – GENERAL PURPOSE TYRES
Distributors of Greycat Tyres Distributors of Greycat Tyres


The product Ranges is as follows:
• Heavy-duty cranes - over 41 tm
• Medium-duty cranes – ( From 13 to 38tm)
• Light-duty cranes – ( From 1 to 12tm )

The various segments/applications where Fassi Cranes can be used include:
• Automotive and Ancillaries
• Logistics /Transportation companies
• Automation and Control components
• Cable, Wire, Beverages, Chemical processing
• Block/Brick Making Industries
• Civil /Construction Industries
• Building materials/ Stores

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